What is your Angel Record?

This is Your Angel Record!

The Record of Incarnations that every Angel in this Realm has


We all have more than one incarnation upon the Earth. In fact, everyone, including Archangels, will have had at least 7 Karmic Incarnations in the Realm of Earth. Within your ANGEL RECORD you will find the birth date and place of each of these 7 Karmic Incarnations.

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Revealing past, present and/or future incarnations, this chart is a revealing look into your very own ANGEL RECORD. Through these 7 Karmic Incarnations, you will be able to see where you have been and where you will Ascend to.

Not only will your ANGEL RECORD be disclosed, but Mark will also tell you which Octave you came from and which Octave you will Ascend to.

An ANGEL RECORD Personal Chart from Mark Kalita is only $45!


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Your Octave

You will discover which Octave you have descended from and which Octave you will Ascend to. From this you will know how many total Incarnations you will have had.

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Within your ‘Angel Record’ you will find the place and year of each of your 7 Karmic Incarnation. From this information you will learn which Octave you will Ascend to.

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Angel Record

Your ‘Angel Record’ is the path you are taking within this 3rd Octave Realm of the Earth. Both Light and Darkness occupy this Realm. See if you are from the Light or Darkness!

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