Your 7 Angelic Lives

This is Your Angel Record

It is the CHART of your 7 Karmic Incarnations


We all have more than one incarnation upon the Earth. In fact, everyone, including Archangels, will have had at least 7 incarnations within the Earth realm. Within your ANGEL RECORD you will find the birth date and place of each of these 7 Karmic incarnations.

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This is YOUR 7 Angelic Incarnations within the Realm of Earth. Revealing past, present and/or future incarnations, this chart is a revealing look into your very own ANGEL RECORD. Through these 7 incarnations, you will be able to see where and when you were, or will be, reunited with your Twin Flame. The Angelic Order Personal Chart is only $45!


The Angel Record of ALL Angels!

Every being in the Realm of the Earth have had at least 7 incarnations in their ANGEL RECORD, all past, present and future.  These 7 incarnations show our path through the realm of the Earth and our Karmic Intent.  Flying among us are also the Angelic Beings of the 7th Heaven along with the 7 Archangels of Earth. While mostly in spirit, these Higher Beings incarnate from time to time, with purpose and intention. The Archangels also have an ANGEL RECORD with 7 incarnations just like everyone else!

We are all ANGELS of the ONE!

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